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Our Testimonials

Joey – Age 7


Before vision therapy, my son would get distracted really easily and read backward! He would get really tired in school and strain his eyes.

After 30 weeks of vision therapy, his reading has improved greatly and he has learned to focus on his own, without being told to do his work.

Yes, it was a struggle doing his therapy every day, but in the end, it was worth the struggle!

Thank you for all that you’ve done.

- Joey

Brandy – Age 11


Before vision therapy, my daughter was having problems with reading, writing, math, lining things in rows/columns, and depth perception.

Brandy has improved her depth perception, her reading has improved, and her school has also improved. Brandy has improved her barrels by 10 seconds due to improved depth perception.

I recommend anyone with vision to come. It costs money, but the results are well worth it!

- Brandy

Stewart – Age 10


Before vision therapy my son was having problems with spelling, hockey drills, following things visually, seeing out of peripheral vision in hockey, copying motor actions, mixing up bow direction when playing cello, catching and coordination, and getting lost on a page while reading a book. I came to vision therapy as I wondered if he could have dyslexia.

Not long after (starting vision therapy) my son, husband, and I noticed a huge improvement in his coordination ability to catch and play sports. As a result, he was more confident and felt better about himself. He commented that his peripheral vision was better in hockey which helped him. He shared he no longer gets lost on a page when reading a book.

He did excellent in school, and had great feedback from his teacher. He had a formal assessment for dyslexia, and it was found he doesn’t have it. Vision therapy resolved all his issues. He is happy and confident.

- Stewart

Laine – Age 11 yrs


Before coming, I had problems like seeing double and getting headaches.  When I read, I had to cover my eyes to be able to get the words into focus. Through months of doing these eye exercises every day, I don’t see double or get headaches anymore.

Vision therapy has helped me read and do other things I love to do without getting headaches or losing focus.

Thank you so much, I have really improved.

- Laine

Karen – Age 57 years


Before Vision Therapy: Reading, focusing, pain, driving, and very hyper.

Now I am pain-free and able to read and comprehend much better. I am able to drive and ore focused.

- Karen

Leesa – Age: 57


Before Vision Therapy I was having problems with depth perception, balance and seeing people’s faces clearly. Since Vision Therapy, depth perception has improved so I do not stumble as much and I can see the beautiful faces of family and friends more clearly! Highly Recommended! Staff are awesome too!

- Leesa

Paul – Age: 28


Before Vision Therapy I was having problems with:

  • Headaches
  • Blurriness when reading
  • Eye Strain when reading
  • Difficulty relaxing eyes/using periphery
  • Brain fog
  • Eye/General fatigue
  • Dry Eye
  • Eye sensitivity to light

After Vision Therapy I’m able to relax my eyes and feel little strain or headaches throughout the day and while reading.  My eyes are much less sensitive to light and I don’t feel the need to wear my glasses as often.  I use my periphery more often and relax my eyes throughout the day.  I feel less brain fog and eye fatigue.  My vision is clearer when doing close work.

- Paul

Judeah – Age: 10


Before vision therapy my son was having problems with:

  • Lack of attention span
  • Easily distracted
  • Easily frustrated
  • Behind in reading
  • He had a concussion and the year after his writing reveres to writing hisletters backwards

When starting this therapy his behavior improved a lot, he was much calmer. Hisreading slowly improved, and I was hoping to improve it a lot, but he was recentlydiagnosed with Dyslexia which would explain why it didn’t improve completely.But through the dyslexia testing and results meeting, I realized how important itwas doing this therapy. A lot of Judeah’s issues were improved through therapy.Its always better to fix underlying issues and then fixing the main problem.

And I want to give a heartfelt thank you to this GRAND vision team! Your effortsand time were very appreciated. Judeah’s therapist made his sessions veryenjoyable, your efforts are greatly appreciated Wendy!!!

- Parents of Judeah

Lauren – Age: 40


Before vision therapy I was having problems with chronic migraines and lightsensitivity. I had tried everything for my migraines and nothing helped much. Istarted Vision Therapy and slowly my migraines slowed in frequency and severity.Now I can’t remember the last time I had one. I have so much more energy nowand my quality of life is greatly improved! I can enjoy movie nights with my familyagain and not worry about the next time a migraine might start. I am so gratefulto Dr. Anderson and my therapist Beth-Ann! Thank you all so much!

- Lauren

Hilario – Age 72


Before vision therapy, my dad couldn’t function well. The mild stroke badly affected his eyes, especially his right eye. He had lazy eyes and double vision which made it difficult for him to walk straight without going off balance, go to the washroom, eat by himself, and do things that he normally does. The ER doctor who treated him at the hospital couldn’t tell us if my dad’s eyes will ever go back to normal and we almost lost hope. Good thing my brother found Grand Developmental Vision Institute. Based on the doctor’s initial assessment, my dad would need at least 40 therapy sessions. We followed the doctor’s recommendation and did most of the homework that the doctor and the therapist gave us. The treatment and the exercises that were given to my dad slowly helped him do things on his own. In just five months, we noticed a major improvement when his lazy eyes went back to normal, and the double vision was corrected. We were so amazed by my dad’s improved condition in a short period of time. Dr. Anderson and Ms. Beth were so nice and accommodating and very friendly and that made my dad feel comfortable and at ease during the therapy sessions despite the language barrier. My Dad had an enjoyable experience every time he went to the clinic. My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Anderson and his team, most especially Ms. Beth for everything that she has done to help my dad recover fast and thank you for treating my dad like family. We really appreciate it, and we will never forget this experience. Thanks again and God bless!!

Olivia – Age 11


Before vision therapy, I was having problems with headaches, blurry vision and trouble with reading. I also had one weaker eye. After vision therapy, my weaker eye has become closer in strength with my other eye and all of my other problems are gone. I am happy with my results and Victoria helped me a lot! Thank you!

Misty – Age 10


I have been taking my daughter to our family eye doctor for years and I was told that she had a weak left eye. Last August she saw a different eye doctor, as our doctor was on holidays. We were told that her left eye was not good and that it should have been corrected years ago. We were also told that it was probably too late now, but we could try patching and see if it might help. I decided to do some research on my own and that is when I learned of GRAND. Everyone there was so kind! A BIG thank you to Victoria for all your efforts! Misty no longer has a lazy eye! You are amazing!

Kaden – Age 16


I have been taking my son to our family eye doctor for years. Every year I was told that he had a weak left eye and that he could wear glasses, but didn’t need to, as not wearing them wouldn’t make it worse. Last August he saw a different eye doctor. We were told the horrible news that his left eye was bad and that it should have been corrected years ago. We were also told that it was too late now and that there was no hope! I shed many tears! I decided to do some research on my own and that is when I learned of GRAND. I called and cried out my story of no hope to Lindsay. She was so kind and assured me that they could help. And now, a BIG thanks to Dawn for all your hard work! His Grade Level Efficiency in reading has gone from a grade 4 level to grade 11! You are awesome!

Layne – Age 7


Layne’s left eye was turning out which brought us to GRAND. We found out after our first appointment that he also could not see in 3D and had little peripheral vision. We started our weekly vision therapy appointments with Victoria and noticed an improvement almost immediately with Layne’s reading. It was completely worth the hard work! Victoria is very patient and encouraging to work with and tries to make each visit fun and interesting. Layne’s eye turn is now completely gone and he is now able to see in 3D!

Ava – Age 7


I’ve notice huge improvement with Ava’s reading even though she is still reading below her grade level. She has worked very hard this past winter and I am very impressed with the progress made. Also, she likes to show us how she can cross her eyes now.

Wendy – Age 9


I’ve found that vision therapy has made a big change in my daughter. She is more organized and calm. Her teacher has commented on how far she has come since she has been taking therapy.

Michael – Age 35


Helped my issues with motion sickness while riding the bus. Can now ride the bus without fear of getting sick.

Aiden – Age 9


We noticed a positive change in Aidan’s ability to clear text that he reads. The words no longer split apart or “move around” as he described it. Thanks for your patience in working with Aidan. We are so happy for him.

Jim – Age 39


Dawn was excellent to work with. A lot of work, but worth putting effort in and giving it a chance to work. Great learning experience.

Chris – Age 24


Be patient with the process, be consistent, change will not happen overnight but when it does occur the results will be astonishing. Staff was great, I am extremely happy with everything. I only wish I could have done this sooner.

Quentin – Age 8


At the beginning, Quentin struggled with his reading and was only reading at a grade 1 level. He has improved so much that he is now at a grade 3 level. He also does not mind reading, whereas before, he hated to read. The improvement has been amazing in his reading. He has improved all around but the reading is the most improved. Thank you.

Audrey – Age 51


I am very pleased with the results of the vision therapy I had. There is a definite decrease in the headaches I have had and I find that my eyes are less sensitive and not straining as much with focusing. My eyes seem to adjust better and quicker to different situations.



Hi there I just wanted to tell you about Zac’s progress because I am just so impressed. When we started in December he was unable to even read his simple sight words like le, de, un etc. But it is only April and he has already progressed to reading at a level! Just a few weeks ago he was at a 3 he is progressing so quickly. His resource teacher told me a few weeks ago he has progressed about 3 times faster that other kids she is helping in his grade. I am just very grateful that we discovered this therapy or he would have been carded as a special needs student for this and it clearly isn’t the case he is brilliant in all other areas of school. So just thank you so very much I feel very blessed to have your expertise in our lives.

Christian – Age 18


I have double vision before therapy, I need to put a cloth over my other eye to prevent double vision from affecting me. Eventually, my eye doctor recommended me to go to Grand Development Vision Institute to get therapy. At first, it was tough adjusting to the activities. Eventually, I was able to get used to it and lower the frequency of my double vision. Please get therapy for your eyes whenever you can because seeing better is just amazing. Thank you!



I was having problems in reading, watching television and stability in walking. My improvement in the aforementioned areas has been quite remarkable. The very professional staff was highly efficient and greatly appreciated. I would certainly recommend Vision Therapy to anyone experiencing difficulties in this regard. I would like to thank all for their caring and kindness.

Ara – Age 7


Before therapy, Ara’s left eye would always turn outwards. Her eyes were not in sync. She had other issues that we were not aware of like her lack of 3D vision or depth perception. She had difficulty focusing and looking at far away objects or reading from afar. These issues and some others were known after her first consultation I assessment with Dr. Anderson, at first we were mostly concerned about her left eye wandering out little that we knew that there were few more things going on that we were not aware of and so we decided to enroll Ara to the Vision Therapy. After over a year of since her first visit to GRAND, Ara has improved greatly on her ability to control her eyes. She is now able to focus and read without or with less difficulty. She has developed skills she will need in the future.

Fiona – Age 7


Fiona was having problems with letter recognition, writing, copying and reading. At home, we noticed she couldn’t seem to find things that were right in front of her and we found her to be accident prone. When we found out through her vision assessment how her eyes were working, we were shocked. Without hesitation we started vision therapy. At first, the work seemed to show us how far Fiona had to go. She thought the ‘work’ was fun, but did get frustrated easily. Once she started to notice a difference in the way she saw things, she was more willing to push through. A year later her eyes are working as they should! Although she is still a little behind in school she loves to read and quickly catching up to her peers. Every time I see her pick up a book or even just study something in her surroundings, I am thankful to Dr. Anderson and his team for giving my daughter the gift of vision… something too many of us take for granted. Thank you!!!



When vision therapy was recommended for our daughter, Leah, we were nervous about what this would entail for a young busy family living outside of Winnipeg. Fast forward 1.5 years and we can confidently say committing to Grand Vision’s program was the best decision we could’ve made for her. Leah’s gains were noticeable within the first several weeks. Our therapist, Beth Ann, provided fun and engaging activities; Dr Anna continued to provide boosts of confidence for Leah through regular check ups; and the staff at Grand Vision always made us feel welcome even when having to reschedule due to travel conditions. Now our daughter has more confidence in speaking with others and willingly takes photographs. She takes pride in the hard work she has done to complete her therapy program. We will forever be grateful for the support we received and the success our daughter has achieved throughout her time working with Grand Vision.

The lady at the front desk needs a raise


The lady at the front desk needs a raise and she is always smiling. A very friendly person.

- Annonymous

Love the friendly staff!


Love the friendly staff!

- Annonymous

Many thanks!


Thank you for helping my boy get his confidence back! The progress and growth he has made is absolutely heartwarming. Ashley, your calm demeanor made it so easy for 'P' to connect with you. Glenna, it's always a joy speaking with you. Many thanks!

- A & P

Ashley is our favorite


Ashley is our favorite. She is understanding and always has a smile. We wouldn't see anyone else but her.

- Parent

Thanks for everything


Everyone is so nice and friendly. Thanks for everything.

- Michael

So amazing


Ashley has made this experience for 'B' so amazing. She always loves coming to her appointments.

- M.W.

God Bless! 


I always find the staff helpful, friendly, and caring! My daughter is looking forward to her visits here and so far it has been a successful 2-hour drive. God Bless!

- Parent

I would give her 10 stars if I could


Dr.Anderson examined my eyes and created a 30-week plan for me. I had the pleasure of dealing with Andrea who was my therapist. She has gone above and beyond to help me. Always answering my questions and responding very quickly to my many emails, she is very knowledgeable and is very good at what she does. I would give her 10 stars if I could. I can’t recommend this place enough. Kudos dr.Anderson, Andrea, and the rest of the team at Grand Vision. -M.D.

- M.D.

Semi-Annual Testing


Today we did our semi-annual testing which I like to do in our homeschool. (It's not required, but it's so fun to document their growth!) They've all improved, but our son who finished his vision therapy in March is at grade level for the first time ever! Thank you!

- L.M.

I was introduced to the idea of vision therapy by my chiropractor several years ago. As he had been so helpful with my Graves' Disease and related issues, I thought highly of his advice.

When I finally had time to investigate Grand Vision Institute, my first impression on the phone was a great one. Glenna, the office manager, talked me through the procedure of getting started, and was very thorough and helpful. All the information was sent out promptly and was clearly explained.

Upon arriving for my first evaluation with Dr Anderson, I found a welcoming, clean and professional office, managed by the wonderful Glenna, who, as I've come to learn over my months at the clinic, is unfailingly welcoming, efficient and helpful with any requests asked of her. Glenna sets the tone for the clinic, and it's a great one.

I have Graves' Disease, which is an autoimmune disease, as well as related Graves' Ophthalmopathy, which can cause proptosis (bulging) and strabismus (misalignment) of the eyes. Though I am somewhat used to the condition now, at first it felt very debilitating and disfiguring. I was considering surgery to correct the disfiguration. I had heard about "exercises" that could help with alignment of the eyes, but didn't know much about them. Dr Anderson welcomed me and did a very thorough exam of my eyes, and then very clearly explained how he thought vision therapy could help my condition. While perhaps not a cure for my misalignments, he suggested that vision therapy could help improve them, and could also help to minimize the need for surgeries; often patients with Graves' Ophthalmopathy need several surgeries to see satisfying results. He explained the therapy procedure clearly, and offered several suitable payment options for the treatment. Vision therapy is not always covered by insurance companies, so it was great to have options. Dr Anderson was encouraging and explained things very well.

On my first therapy visit, I met Wendy, my therapist, and we got to work right away. Wendy's calm manner and wealth of knowledge put me at ease immediately. She explained each exercise and its purpose very well, and answered any questions I had. Over the next 21 weeks (so far) Wendy has helped me discover so many things about my vision and its peculiarities that have been invaluable to me.

Wendy and Dr Anderson divisied a long-term plan to improve my alignment, comprised of many different progrssive exercises, each building on the progress provided by the last, to work towards better eye control, better visual/auditory/mental coordination and better alignment. Wendy was always happy to explain in detail the reasons behind the exercises, and to hear my feedback about them, offering suggestions when appropriate. Her interest and knowledge of the work is inspiring to me.

One of the greatest results so far, to me, is that I now have very valuable tools to monitor the feedback that my eyes are giving me about my vision and the world around me. Wendy has helped me to recognize this feedback, and therefore manipulate my muscles and brain to improve my eyesight. The tools (exercises, observations, techniques) have helped in enormous ways to get me closer and closer to where my eyesight used to be before the onset of my Graves'-related eye symptoms.

I like some of the exercises better than others, but all of them provide excellent feedback and therefore results. Some I do reluctantly, knowing that there is benefit in them, but most of them I do easily and can be integrated into my day.

For me, the best aspect of the therapy is the ongoing support from Wendy, Dr Anderson and Glenna in the office. They are all unfailingly professional, informative and kind. I look forward to my visit every week with Wendy - her encouragement and curiosity help me to progress, and her kindness and humour make the visits all the more pleasant.

The process of vision therapy is not a "quick fix", by any means. However, for me, it provides skills progress and feedback that will be invaluable to me for the rest of my journey to correct my vision, and the rest of my life.

I have seen a total of FIFTEEN doctors, specialists, technicians and therapists in the almost four years since the onset of my Graves' Ophthalmopathy, and the only ones who have made any difference to my vision and my quality of life, are Wendy and Dr Anderson. The therapy integrates many aspects of vision and quality of life that are affected by impaired vision, and doesn't simply focus on a "chop and change" solution. Being given tools to help myself affect a change is invaluable to me. Learning the connections between our auditory systems, our vision and our brains is fascinating, but moreover, incredibly beneficial to my progress towards better health.

I am very grateful to Dr Anderson's team and look forward to continuing my journey to better health with them.

- Quita Alfred

Positive and Upbeat

Grand vision was very helpful in stabilizing my visual deficits. My symptoms included blurred and double vision and difficulty focusing at various distances. I was amazed at learning the connection between brain function and vision. The staff are great, Dr.Anderson is tremendously knowledgeable, Kirsten is a fabulous coach (therapist) and Glenna made all the schedules work despite the obstacles created by a pandemic. I am truly thankful about how positive and upbeat the staff remained during these difficult times and the help I received at Grand Vision.

- Richard Burt

Extremely Happy

Be patient with the process, be consistent, change will not happen overnight but when it does occur the results will be astonishing. Staff was great, I am extremely happy with everything. I only wish I could have done this sooner.

- Chris – Age 24