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Children’s Vision Assessment

The vision therapy quiz provided on this site is intended solely for personal use to potentially identify potential symptoms of visual dysfunction. This quiz is not designed to constitute advice as to your visual health or, more particularly, to provide a diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis for vision problems and conditions can only be made by an eye practitioner following a complete eye examination.

Signs & Symptoms of a Vision Problem

  • Unfortunately, many people do not recognize that they have a vision problem. Most certainly, children rarely report they are having visual difficulties. There are physical clues that point to possible vision problems, but surprisingly, many of the symptoms that would indicate a person is having vision problems seem entirely unrelated to vision. Yet, these symptoms are manifesting as a direct result of a vision problem.
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  • If you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself or your child, call our office to schedule an appointment.
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Complete this assessment to find out whether your child may have functional vision issues getting in the way of his or her academic achievement and quality of life. Once submitted, the practice will call you and explain the results, outlining any possible areas where Vision Therapy could be of assistance.