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Have You Had Your Functional Vision Checked after a Concussion?

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Most traumatic brain injuries (TBI) result in some form of visual dysfunction.

Even a mild concussion that can occur from slipping in the bathtub or tripping over your own feet, can impact the part of the brain responsible for visual processing.

The problem is, visual disturbances following a TBI are often overlooked during the initial post-TBI exam.

While blurry vision following a brain injury may be an obvious sign of a vision problem, other vision problems that surface aren’t directly related to visual acuity, rather to the visual skills, such as eye teaming, tracking and focusing abilities.

When the visual skills become compromised, it can be difficult or even impossible to perform regular daily activities, like reading, driving or engaging in hobbies.

Fortunately, neuro-optometric rehabilitation can help strengthen the neural connections between your eyes and brain to improve your visual skills and alleviate your debilitating symptoms at their root.

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