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Blake Cox – Age 12

Before vision therapy, my son was having problems with depth perception.  Being in the program for 35 sessions we have seen a noticeable difference in his abilities in both hockey and baseball.  This has allowed him to excel on both the field and rink....

Micheal L Waldner – Age 9

Michael was having problems in school with focus and concentration issues that were causing him to fall behind in school and causing him and his teachers much frustration. Having had his older brothers go through the same things we knew were to turn to for help and support. GRAND Vision!...

Olivia – Age 11

Before vision therapy, I was having problems with headaches, blurry vision and trouble with reading. I also had one weaker eye. After vision therapy, my weaker eye has become closer in strength with my other eye and all of my other problems are gone. I am happy with my results...

Misty – Age 10

I have been taking my daughter to our family eye doctor for years and I was told that she had a weak left eye. Last August she saw a different eye doctor, as our doctor was on holiday. We were told that her left eye was not good and that...

Kaden – Age 16

I have been taking my son to our family eye doctor for years. Every year I was told that he had a weak left eye and that he could wear glasses, but didn’t need to, as not wearing them wouldn’t make it worse. Last August he saw a different eye...

Gabriel – Age: 9

We are absolutely amazed at his progress reading and writing. It was tough at times when Gabriel wanted to quit but we kept on encouraging him to go on. The last 4 weeks were the hardest with trying to keep him going. Now he’s happy and thankful that he finished...

Dylan – Age: 13

Before vision therapy my son, Dylan was having problems with spelling, copying from the board, reading, writing, and printing. We have seen improvement in all of these areas. Dylan is less frustrated with school work and is better able to focus at school. Thank you!...

Joey – Age 7

Before vision therapy, my son would get distracted really easily and read backward! He would get really tired in school and strain his eyes. After 30 weeks of vision therapy, his reading has improved greatly and he has learned to focus on his own, without being told to do his...

Brandy – Age 11

Before vision therapy, my daughter was having problems with reading, writing, math, lining things in rows/columns, and depth perception. Brandy has improved her depth perception, her reading has improved, and her school has also improved. Brandy has improved her barrels by 10 seconds due to improved depth perception. I recommend...

Stewart – Age 10

Before vision therapy my son was having problems with spelling, hockey drills, following things visually, seeing out of peripheral vision in hockey, copying motor actions, mixing up bow direction when playing cello, catching and coordination, and getting lost on a page while reading a book. I came to vision therapy...

Laine – Age 11 yrs

Before coming, I had problems like seeing double and getting headaches.  When I read, I had to cover my eyes to be able to get the words into focus. Through months of doing these eye exercises every day, I don’t see double or get headaches anymore. Vision therapy has helped...

Karen – Age 57 years

Before Vision Therapy: Reading, focusing, pain, driving, and very hyper. Now I am pain-free and able to read and comprehend much better. I am able to drive and ore focused....

Leesa – Age: 57

Before Vision Therapy I was having problems with depth perception, balance and seeing people’s faces clearly. Since Vision Therapy, depth perception has improved so I do not stumble as much and I can see the beautiful faces of family and friends more clearly! Highly Recommended! Staff are awesome too!...

Paul – Age: 28

Before Vision Therapy I was having problems with: Headaches Blurriness when reading Eye Strain when reading Difficulty relaxing eyes/using periphery Brain fog Eye/General fatigue Dry Eye Eye sensitivity to light After Vision Therapy I’m able to relax my eyes and feel little strain or headaches throughout the day and while...

Judeah – Age: 10

Before vision therapy my son was having problems with: Lack of attention span Easily distracted Easily frustrated Behind in reading He had a concussion and the year after his writing reveres to writing hisletters backwards When starting this therapy his behavior improved a lot, he was much calmer. Hisreading slowly...

Lauren – Age: 40

Before vision therapy I was having problems with chronic migraines and lightsensitivity. I had tried everything for my migraines and nothing helped much. Istarted Vision Therapy and slowly my migraines slowed in frequency and severity.Now I can’t remember the last time I had one. I have so much more energy...

Aiden – Age 9

We noticed a positive change in Aidan’s ability to clear text that he reads. The words no longer split apart or “move around” as he described it. Thanks for your patience in working with Aidan. We are so happy for him....

The lady at the front desk needs a raise

The lady at the front desk needs a raise and she is always smiling. A very friendly person....

Love the friendly staff!

Love the friendly staff!...

Many thanks!

Thank you for helping my boy get his confidence back! The progress and growth he has made is absolutely heartwarming. Ashley, your calm demeanor made it so easy for 'P' to connect with you. Glenna, it's always a joy speaking with you. Many thanks!...

Ashley is our favorite

Ashley is our favorite. She is understanding and always has a smile. We wouldn't see anyone else but her....

Thanks for everything

Everyone is so nice and friendly. Thanks for everything....

So amazing

Ashley has made this experience for 'B' so amazing. She always loves coming to her appointments....

God Bless! 

I always find the staff helpful, friendly, and caring! My daughter is looking forward to her visits here and so far it has been a successful 2-hour drive. God Bless!...

I would give her 10 stars if I could

Dr.Anderson examined my eyes and created a 30-week plan for me. I had the pleasure of dealing with Andrea who was my therapist. She has gone above and beyond to help me. Always answering my questions and responding very quickly to my many emails, she is very knowledgeable and is...

Semi-Annual Testing

Today we did our semi-annual testing which I like to do in our homeschool. (It's not required, but it's so fun to document their growth!) They've all improved, but our son who finished his vision therapy in March is at grade level for the first time ever! Thank you!...

Quita Alfred

I was introduced to the idea of vision therapy by my chiropractor several years ago. As he had been so helpful with my Graves' Disease and related issues, I thought highly of his advice. When I finally had time to investigate Grand Vision Institute, my first impression on the phone...

Richard Burt

Grand vision was very helpful in stabilizing my visual deficits. My symptoms included blurred and double vision and difficulty focusing at various distances. I was amazed at learning the connection between brain function and vision. The staff are great, Dr.Anderson is tremendously knowledgeable, Kirsten is a fabulous coach (therapist) and...

Chris – Age 24

Be patient with the process, be consistent, change will not happen overnight but when it does occur the results will be astonishing. Staff was great, I am extremely happy with everything. I only wish I could have done this sooner....

We want to thank Dr. Matt, Andrea, Glenna and all the staff at Grand Vision for all they did to help our son's vision. He recently completed the program and we are so thankful for the amazing results!! When he began vision therapy, our son was in Grade 3 and had headaches and double vision, especially when reading. He noticed improvement almost immediately which helped him stay motivated to do home exercises. Today he no longer has the former reading challenges and is an avid reader. We are grateful to Grand Developmental Vision Institute for making this possible and making such a difference in his and our lives. We also appreciate the clinic accommodating our schedule throughout therapy. Our biweekly appointments extended the course time to nearly two years but allowed us to much more conveniently fit the appointments into our lives, especially considering the drive out from Brandon and my daughter's birth soon after we began vision therapy.
4 weeks ago
- Jan R.
I wanted to pop on here and give Andrea Brau my eye therapist a 5 star review she was beyond amazing …..I did 20 sessions of therapy and I haven’t felt so good in my life , just such a drastic change !!! She’s just wonderful in fact they are all amazing! Love u guys ❤️ Brooklyn toews
3 months ago
- Brooklyn T.
My experience at Grand was amazing. I signed up for 40 weeks of vision therapy and recently graduated from the program. I was born congenital Nystagmus and always thought there was nothing I could do about it, but Grand Development changed my vision completely. I went from 20/40 to 20/20 and have seen amazing results in every area of my vision. Andrea my therapist was incredible, she worked very hard alongside me and was available 24/7 to answer questions. She is also very encouraging and motivated me to continue doing my homework. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. I am now looking forward to a career as a commercial airline pilot and pursuing my dream job, which wouldn’t have been possible without Grand Vision. 5 stars all around would 100% recommend!
1 year ago
- Quinn W.
Great staff and can't thank them enough for how much they've helped my son!
1 year ago
- Stacey W.
Dr.Anderson examined my eyes and created a 30 week plan for me. I had the pleasure of dealing with Andrea who was my therapist. She has gone above and beyond to help me. Always answering my questions and responding very quickly to my many emails, she is very knowledgeable and is very good at what she does . I would give her 10 stars if I could. I can’t recommend this place enough. Kudos dr.Anderson, Andrea and the rest of the team at Grand Vision.
2 years ago
- Milad D.
Thanks to Dr. Anderson for giving me the ‘Grand‘ tour today. As a colleague in Neuro-Optometric rehabilitation and Vision Therapy, I can honestly say Winnipeg is in very capable hands. All the high tech equipment you would need to provide full scope assessment and therapy. A well trained and friendly staff including several vision therapists make it a welcoming environment. Sports Vision performance training is also offered. Well worth giving them a call. I look forward to my next visit!
2 years ago
- Bruce L.
What a wonderful group of people! I have nothing but great things to say about Grand Vision! Thanks to Matthew and Kirsten, I am happily rid of the daily headaches and vision troubles that affected my day to day life! I am a much more confident driver and definitely more relaxed! I no longer have trouble watching television or reading thanks to the therapy I have gone through! Kirsten is an amazing therapist! She is excellent at what she does! She is a very happy and bubbly person and that made for a delightful experience every week!!! I cannot thank you both enough!
3 years ago
- Stephanie T.