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Fiona – Age 7

Fiona was having problems with letter recognition, writing, copying and reading. At home, we noticed she couldn’t seem to find things that were right in front of her and we found her to be accident prone. When we found out through her vision assessment how her eyes were working, we were shocked. Without hesitation we started vision therapy. At first, the work seemed to show us how far Fiona had to go. She thought the ‘work’ was fun, but did get frustrated easily. Once she started to notice a difference in the way she saw things, she was more willing to push through. A year later her eyes are working as they should! Although she is still a little behind in school she loves to read and quickly catching up to her peers. Every time I see her pick up a book or even just study something in her surroundings, I am thankful to Dr. Anderson and his team for giving my daughter the gift of vision… something too many of us take for granted. Thank you!!!