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Hilario – Age 72

Before vision therapy, my dad couldn’t function well. The mild stroke badly affected his eyes, especially his right eye. He had lazy eyes and double vision which made it difficult for him to walk straight without going off balance, go to the washroom, eat by himself, and do things that he normally does. The ER doctor who treated him at the hospital couldn’t tell us if my dad’s eyes will ever go back to normal and we almost lost hope. Good thing my brother found Grand Developmental Vision Institute. Based on the doctor’s initial assessment, my dad would need at least 40 therapy sessions. We followed the doctor’s recommendation and did most of the homework that the doctor and the therapist gave us. The treatment and the exercises that were given to my dad slowly helped him do things on his own. In just five months, we noticed a major improvement when his lazy eyes went back to normal, and the double vision was corrected. We were so amazed by my dad’s improved condition in a short period of time. Dr. Anderson and Ms. Beth were so nice and accommodating and very friendly and that made my dad feel comfortable and at ease during the therapy sessions despite the language barrier. My Dad had an enjoyable experience every time he went to the clinic. My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Anderson and his team, most especially Ms. Beth for everything that she has done to help my dad recover fast and thank you for treating my dad like family. We really appreciate it, and we will never forget this experience. Thanks again and God bless!!