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Judeah – Age: 10

Before vision therapy my son was having problems with:

  • Lack of attention span
  • Easily distracted
  • Easily frustrated
  • Behind in reading
  • He had a concussion and the year after his writing reveres to writing hisletters backwards

When starting this therapy his behavior improved a lot, he was much calmer. Hisreading slowly improved, and I was hoping to improve it a lot, but he was recentlydiagnosed with Dyslexia which would explain why it didn’t improve completely.But through the dyslexia testing and results meeting, I realized how important itwas doing this therapy. A lot of Judeah’s issues were improved through therapy.Its always better to fix underlying issues and then fixing the main problem.

And I want to give a heartfelt thank you to this GRAND vision team! Your effortsand time were very appreciated. Judeah’s therapist made his sessions veryenjoyable, your efforts are greatly appreciated Wendy!!!

- Parents of Judeah