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20/20 Is Not Enough!

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Kaden – Age 16

I have been taking my son to our family eye doctor for years. Every year I was told that he had a weak left eye and that he could wear glasses, but didn’t need to, as not wearing them wouldn’t make it worse. Last August he saw a different eye doctor. We were told the horrible news that his left eye was bad and that it should have been corrected years ago.

We were also told that it was too late now and that there was no hope! I shed many tears! I decided to do some research on my own and that is when I learned of GRAND. I called and cried out my story of no hope to Lindsay.

She was so kind and assured me that they could help. And now, a BIG thanks to Dawn for all your hard work! His Grade Level Efficiency in reading has gone from a grade 4 level to grade 11! You are awesome!