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Micheal L Waldner – Age 9

Michael was having problems in school with focus and concentration issues that were causing him to fall behind in school and causing him and his teachers much frustration. Having had his older brothers go through the same things we knew were to turn to for help and support. GRAND Vision! And there we found what Micheal needed to help him go forward in school and attitude. There were ups and downs with pushing him with his therapy but as we progressed in sessions we noticed a big difference in his school and attitude towards school. He enjoyed going in to visit his therapist who he formed a strong bond and friendship.

He loved sharing his visits with his siblings and friends and that really kept him wanting to keep going in his sessions and try to do his best.  A huge thank you to everyone at GRAND Vision who was part of Micheals, and my other children’s session in the years gone by.

Micheal was the 3rd child of ours who had gone through vision therapy so we didn’t even hesitate to bring him here to go through the program.  It’s been worth every minute we put into it all.

Thank you!