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Stewart – Age 10

Before vision therapy my son was having problems with spelling, hockey drills, following things visually, seeing out of peripheral vision in hockey, copying motor actions, mixing up bow direction when playing cello, catching and coordination, and getting lost on a page while reading a book. I came to vision therapy as I wondered if he could have dyslexia.

Not long after (starting vision therapy) my son, husband, and I noticed a huge improvement in his coordination ability to catch and play sports. As a result, he was more confident and felt better about himself. He commented that his peripheral vision was better in hockey which helped him. He shared he no longer gets lost on a page when reading a book.

He did excellent in school, and had great feedback from his teacher. He had a formal assessment for dyslexia, and it was found he doesn’t have it. Vision therapy resolved all his issues. He is happy and confident.

- Stewart