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Most people don’t realize there is more to our vision than just our eyes.  Once the image we are looking at arrives at the back of our eyes, it has to travel throughout our brain in order for the images to be understood.  Therefore we actually have a system which provides us with good vision.

Vision therapy is much like “physical therapy”, but rather than treating the muscles of the body, it works on the eyes and visual system.   It is an invaluable tool that has changed not only our patients’ vision, but has improved many related areas of their lives as well.

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The First Step

When the eyes are not working together correctly or not moving the way they should when reading, a Neuro-Developmental Vision Evaluation is necessary to determine the depth of the problem and your best treatment options.

The evaluation is designed to test all of the visual skills required for reading, learning and other activities of daily living.

Depending on the depth of the vision problem, the doctor may prescribe special glasses or a program of optometric vision therapy, or both.

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Undetected Vision Problems affect Learning

A child with an undetected vision problem will often find it difficult and uncomfortable to concentrate on reading and other up-close activities for extended periods of time. This is often mistaken to be an attention disorder (such as ADD or ADHD) as the child themselves are often unaware that there is something unusual about their vision.

Children with an undetected vision problem often will have:

  • Learning Problems
  • Reading Problems
  • Been Incorrectly Labeled ADD/ADHD
  • Difficulty in School

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