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Could Neurolens Relieve your Eyestrain?

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Do you suffer with headaches, eye strain, neck and shoulder pain, tired eyes, dry eyes or light sensitivity?

Ask us about Neurolens

10 years of research into headaches and their associated visual symptoms has yielded the revolutionary Neurolens.

Neurolenses correct the misalignment to restore naturally comfortable vision. We can provide customized Neurolenses that correct your specific misalignment and give you the most comfortable vision possible in both distance and near.

Our practice is proud to offer this exciting new technology and we’d love to help you discover relief for your symptoms!

Most patients notice improvement within a week, although patients with extremely chronic conditions may require four to six weeks to notice an improvement.

First-time Neurolens wearers typically report feeling a relieve of their symptoms, as if there’s less burden on their heads, necks, shoulders, and eyes.

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